The compact plant silos are made up of a continuous cylinder that rests directly on the ground without the need for the classical columns, providing storage space for the silo cone, the sludge discharge valves, the flocculent dosage station and the control panel at the base. The advantages are: less environmental impact, quickly installation and technological component protection from atmospheric agents. The 3 mt diameter silos require special transport with no technical escort, whilst the 4.2 mt diameter silos do require this type of escort; neither can be transported in containers.

Model LT/MIN Ø x H
OMD 10 500 mt 2,25 x 6
OMD 20 700 mt 2,25 x 8
OMD 30 1400 mt 2,25 x 10
OMD 60* 2500 mt 3 x 12
OMD 100** 4000 mt 4,2 x 12
OMD 130** 5000 mt 4,2 x 14
OMD 150** 6500 mt 4,2 x 16
* Special transport without technical escort
** Special transport with technical escort